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15th FEBRUARY - 31st MARCH

Although it may not seem so, Bratislava is not defined by the River Danube, Bratislava Castle or even its cafe culture. Our city consists of all the people who live and work here.

The last population census from the year 2011 showed 411,228 people had permanent residence in Bratislava. Unfortunately, that census was unsuccessful due to low participation figures. But it can pay off for our capital city, which in reality has far more inhabitants. Today according to population registers we know that the city has over 500,000 residents. As tax is distributed according to census data our city can count to at least 10 million euro of lost revenue per year.



The chance for redress has arrived, 10 years later. It is in our hands. Not only native Bratislavians, but also people who come here to make a better life. We can all contribute to making our city feel that much more pleasant.


All you have to do, is to show up for the Population Census 2021.

The census runs from 15th February until 31st March. This applies not only to Bratislava, but also for the whole of Slovakia. A census is nothing new though, and takes place every 10 years. This time however, it takes place in electronic form. Just fill in the census at or use the mobile application.

But what about those less technologically skilled or without internet access? If there is someone like this in your area, we can offer them help. The census will also take place at contact points, set up by each local authority.

Find out more on the infoline 
0800 222 888.


Ako na to

"I’ll show up, so that I am able to park in modern parking houses, and not on pavements."


Linda, manager and Bratislavian


Everyone. Even the smallest of babies. To be precise, only those born before 31st December, 2020, because the data must relate to midnight of Thursday 31st December, 2020, to Friday 1st January, 2021. Of course, for minors and those unable to fill legal documents the census will be completed by their legal guardians.


All residents of the Slovak Republic who have permanent, temporary or tolerated residence are obliged to be part of the count. The census also applies to EU citizens residing in Slovakia.

Koho a to týka


It's pretty simple. In Bratislava, the more we can show about ourselves the more money our city will have from which we can put into improving where we live. Thanks to the census we can have:

Čo môžeme zlepšiť?

Safer streets and higher numbers of Municipal Police

More parking houses and garages

More nurseries and homes for the elderly

More finance for the pilot project accessible living with social support

(named Housing First)

More beautiful, more accessible and cleaner public premises

Modernised buses, trams and trolleybuses 

More accessible rental accommodation

More cycle paths

More trees and better kept green spaces

Higher quality and better maintained roads without potholes

More grant programs aimed at culture, sport and life in the city

More support for artistic basic schools

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